Woman offers $ 10,000 to the person who finds a husband



    Finding true love is difficult, and everyone tries different ways to find your soul mate. Apparently, for a manager of San Francisco is a good way to use the money.

    The woman decided he had to get busy in a more active way to find love, but instead of going out and trying to meet new people, chose instead to send an email to all his friends, offering a cash reward to those who presents her “future husband”: $ 10,000, paid on the wedding day.

    The reasoning is that the woman still find a husband is also a commitment statement, between outputs, clothes, beauty products and treatments. The $ 10,000 thus represent an investment to try to reduce the time of the research (and thus reduce other expenses), and more particularly to motivate friends: in fact, she noted that if on the one hand a large percentage of marriages are born thanks the presentation through mutual friends, but very often friends do not care that much to present single friends to single friends, and these presentations arrive a bit ‘for the event.